Each Implementation Period will be followed by a 12-month Sustaining Period. A PA PQC healthcare team enters a Sustaining Period when the team’s:

• QI Report Outs or Surveys indicate that at least one key intervention from a PA PQC initiative was implemented while participating in that initiative, AND
• submitted data for a related process or outcome measure shows that the PA PQC healthcare team’s goal was achieved and is starting to be sustained over time.

The PA PQC anticipates that it will take about 12 months to enter a Sustaining Period.

While in a Sustaining Period PA PQC healthcare teams will be expected to submit the same survey and measure(s) quarterly that the team submitted during the Implementation Period. These are the only two expectations during the Sustaining Period (e.g., the QI Report Outs do not need to be submitted during the Sustaining Period).

To enable PA PQC teams to know whether they are in an Implementation or Sustaining Period for a key intervention, the PA PQC will maintain a record of whether a PA PQC healthcare team is in the sustaining or implementation period for both past and current PA PQC initiatives. PA PQC healthcare teams can email their coach or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to ask about their status.