Upcoming Virtual Sessions

Register for the July 25th Virtual Session - Motivational Interviewing with Kelly Burda

Register for the August 22nd Virtual Session - Top 10 Pearls for the Recognition, Evaluation, and Management of Maternal Sepsis with Dr. Andrea Shields, MD, MS

Register for the September 16th Virtual Session - Neonatal Initiative Peer-to-Peer Networking

Register for the September 19th Virtual Session - IPLARC Sustainment Check-in

Register for the September 23rd Virtual Session - Maternal Initiative Peer-to-Peer Networking

 Register for the October 24th Virtual Session - PA MMRC Findings and Recommendations Discussion with Dr. Aasta Mehta & Regional Breakouts

Register for the November 13th Virtual Session - Obstetric Simulations and Debriefs with Dr. Kandis McLean

 Register for the December 11th Virtual Session - Designation and QI Milestone Workshop

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