During the Implementation Period, the PA PQC healthcare team will complete the following actions with guidance from their PA PQC quality improvement coach:

  1. Form, structure, and expand your multi-disciplinary PA PQC healthcare team
  2. Prioritize the initiative-specific key interventions to adopt based on your current condition
  3. Develop and implement a quality improvement plan and protocols with your team to translate the key interventions into practice, making continuous improvements
  4. Complete and submit on  a quarterly basis:
    • Surveys;
    • Data;
    • Quality Improvement reports

These actions will be completed for each initiative joined.


Minimum Criteria for Staying Involved in the PA PQC During an Implementation Period

The PA PQC recognizes it takes time to achieve the five quarterly milestones listed above during the Implementation Period. As a result, the PA PQC also has a minimum set of criteria for staying involved in the PA PQC during the Implementation Period. This includes all of the following:

• Submitting a QI Report Out at least once during a six-month period;
• Submitting a quarterly initiative-specific survey during a six-month period;
• Having at least one hospital-level representative attend at least one meeting (virtual, annual in-person, or regional) during a six-month period; AND
• Submitting at least one quarter’s worth of aggregated data for the PA PQC process and outcome measures during a 12-month period.

If the minimum requirements are not met, the hospital team will be on pause and will not be counted as a PA PQC Healthcare Team. Additionally, the hospital team will not be eligible for Quality Improvement Awards and Designations. Re-engagement plans can be discussed further with your coach and PA PQC leadership.

To further support the PA PQC healthcare teams, the teams have the option to participate in the following:

  • Participate in PA PQC Virtual Meetings
  • PA PQC Regional Meetings for peer-to-peer learning